Late Noah Worthington to Become "Author"

My Wabash Valley | Caitlin Centner 

Riley, IN. A local boy's dream may soon become a reality years after his passing. We sat down with family of the late Noah Worthington today.

In 2011 11-year-old Noah Worthington died following a serious car accident. We're told he was active and just full of life, a joy to be around. And what better way to remember him than through his own words.

"We were just the average, normal family," Wil Worthington, Noah's father, said.

Four years ago the Worthington family was a family of four. Wil, wife Rhena, daughter Abby and their youngest, Noah.

"Everyone in the family felt like he was their best friend and like Saturday mornings I would go downstairs to work out and before I was done working out he'd pop his head around the corner and he'd be like "hello daddy", ya know he'd kind of sing it and I'd say "hey bud, what's up?" He'd go, "okay, today we're gonna go out and hit in the batting cage and we're going to play catch."

A car accident in May of 2011 landed their young boy in Riley Children's Hospital. Doctors asked mom and dad if they'd like Noah to be an organ donor.

"Initially I was upset about it," Worthington said. "I was like get out of our room. I'm not giving anything of my son to anyone. And as we sat there, I looked at my son and just in my mind I heard him say "Dad, what are you doing?"

Noah's organs saved lives, and now the Worthington family is hoping more lives can be impacted by the words Noah wrote. Continue reading


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