Many pledge, but long way to harvest

Times of India

Almost one lakh people have signed up for organ donation dur ing the annual organ donation day campaign of the Times of India, over the last three years. That could translate into several lakhs of lives transformed or saved if all the pledged organs could be retrieved. However, the organ donation process is yet to be streamlined and not all donors are able to donate their organs because of the lack of infrastructure and adequate awareness.

Thousands have regis tered as donors in a span of a fortnight. But experience has shown that of thousands of people who pledge, only a few are likely to convert into donations after brain death.While TOI received almost 58,000 missed calls in response to an appeal to make a missed call to show support for organ donation, a sustained effort throughout the year is required to maintain the momentum gained through the campaign. Even as the campaign draws to a close people can continue to sign up for organ donation and access the website organdonationday .in for all queries and doubts regarding organ donation. Continue reading