MI: Organ Donor Meets Recipient For First Time


You'd think that Rob Burrows and Nellie Fischer were friends reuniting as you watch them embrace.

"Overwhelming, anxious, excited" says organ recipient Rob Burrows.

Those emotions all for a new bond of two people meeting for the first time. "It's nice to finally meet him you know, it's exciting" says Nellie Fischer, kidney donor.

"Everything was kind of kind of I don't know" says Fischer. "I'm nervous I'm yeah" says Fischer.

But Nellie's nerves are all worth the rescue. "we got this far just by coincidence to me everything is in God`s hands" says Michelle Burrows, recipients sister. Nellie Fischer happens to work with Rob's sister; "She is such a great person."

Nellie`s wanted to donate her kidney since she was 13. Now she might be able to help end Rob’s battle with diabetes. Continue reading