More than an act of kindness: Burlington man donates a kidney to one of his employees

The Times News | Bill Cresenzo

John Blythe of Burlington, right, donated a kidney to one of his employees, Rick Ingoglia, recently in Orlando, Fla. Blythe's job as a district manager for a music instrument company takes him up and down the east coast. Ingoglia works as a shop manager in Florida.

Rick Ingoglia got a very big bonus from his boss, John Blythe of Burlington, this year: a kidney.

Blythe is the district manager of repair for instrument company Music & Arts, covering a region that spans from Virginia to Florida. Ingoglia is a shop manager and repairs brass instruments in Orlando.

They have been friends and colleagues for about seven years.

Ingoglia, 58, has polycystic kidney disease, meaning that he has cysts on his kidneys that with time, multiply and get larger.

Earlier this year, Ingoglia called Blythe to let him know that his kidney function was worsening and that he would have to take time off, advising that his kidneys were functioning at 20 percent and he would have to start dialysis unless he had a transplant.

He had just put his name on a kidney transplant list, along with thousands of others.

Dialysis is tedious and arduous. Most patients spend several hours three days a week as a machine filters their blood. Continue reading