Motocross champ Adrienne Cooper gave up sport, and kidney, for stranger

AZ Central | Dianna M. Náñez

Logan Carson, 10, received a donated kidney from Adrienne Cooper (left), a stranger, after a strep throat infection attacked his body, resulting in the loss of an eye and part of his leg. A Star Wars themed party was thrown for Logan at Cooper's place of employment, Dun & Bradstreet, Wednesday in Phoenix. (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)

Adrienne Cooper didn't know 10-year-old Logan Carson, but once she met him, she knew she had to try to donate her kidney to the little boy. Carson's body was severely attacked by the strep throat virus.

The kids rode like daredevils on dirt bikes.

Adrienne Cooper watched the children twist their bodies and push their bikes for the win. She was at a Peoria racetrack to cheer on her nephew in a youth motocross race.

But another little boy had captured her attention.

Ten-year-old Logan Carson craned his neck to see kids his age compete in a sport he thought was the coolest. Logan was friends with Adrienne’s nephew.

Adrienne towered over the little boy. Adrienne’s body is that of an athlete—tall, muscular and strong. Logan is small for his age. His body is scarred, ravaged and sometimes weak. Continue reading, VIDEO