Organ and Tissue Donation – Chris Klug Foundation

MTN Town Magazine

Organ and Tissue Donation is quite possibly the most precious gift you can leave your fellow man, woman and loved ones when it is time to depart this world and head on into the unknown. I have always made sure to check the “Yes” box whenever I renew my license. For me it is not even a question. If I have something left over from this wonderful body of mine and it is still “usable” I would like to be sure it could help benefit another in need, ’cause really letting it wither back into the earth before it’s time just doesn’t make sense.

That concept was really driven home recently. The recent St. Anthony Flight for Life helicopter crash in Summit County has left their flight nurse and our very good friend severely injured with tremendous burns over the majority of his body. He has so far endured and that is partly due to the help of blood donors and skin grafts from organ donors. Skin donations along with organ donations are difficult to come by and I felt publishing our most recent article on Chris Klug could help someone in the near future. For now we pray for Dave, he is not out of the woods and his survival is still questionable. Without organ, blood and tissue donors he would not be fighting a valiant battle for life. I am thankful for those unselfish people who chose the “Yes” box and made the decision to donate at the end of their lives. Continue reading