Plymouth schools superintendent returns to work after organ donation

WNDU | Christine Karsten

Plymouth, Ind.-- How far would you go to save a friends life? Would you give an organ? Well, that is exactly what one woman did for Plymouth Community Schools Superintendent Daniel Tyree.

has been a story we have been following since we were at Plymouth High School back in February for our Schools Rule segment. At that time we shared something about Mr. Tyree that not many people knew. The long time administrator had been suffering from kidney failure since June of 2014.

“I was tired, I had gained a lot of weight, my legs ached,” explains Tyree.

He started dialysis in a center for a couple of months but after extensive training and the help of his wife he was able to do it at home.

“You are taking a machine that is going to clean 75 liters of your blood and so there are two needles, I had two buttons holes in my arm that I was using to access my fistula. I would stick one needle in and then I would stick the other needle in and basically one drew the blood out and cleaned it and the other put the blood back in, the clean blood. And that is what your kidney does only your kidney does it 24/7. I was doing it about three hours a night for six days a week,” says Tyree. Continue reading