Should organ donors get preference if they need an organ transplant?

Australian Broadcasting Corporation | Lind Mottram

If you could save the life of en people, at little or no cost to you, would you do it? If someone is willing to be an organ donor, should they get preference in the event that they need an organ for themselves? Is there a moral obligation to donate your organs?

Ethicist Julian Savulescu says the answer to all three of those question is yes, though it seems from the statistics and the debate about organ donation that the second and third questions still vex Australians deeply.

Organ donation rates in Australia, while improving, remain low by international standards. Donations are running at sixteen per million Australians. Spain has 35 per million. Around half of families over-ride the wishes of loved ones on organ donation. Spain, Professor Savulescu says, also spends one eighth of Australia’s spend on the program called "Donate Life". Continue reading