Slice: Liver transplantee Megan Sodergren of Roscoe sees life from different perspective

Journal Standard | Jay Taft, Rockford Register Star

Megan Sodergren, who had a liver transplant when she was a baby, with her son, Gavin. PHOTO PROVIDED

Megan Sodergren feels it when she watches her son, Gavin Bick, wake up with a smile.

She feels it when she hears about another family having to go through the ordeals of an organ transplant, knowing what they will have to endure, often for the rest of their lives.

As a healthy 31-year-old mother, she even feels it when she accomplishes small feats, like taking a short jog with Gavin every other day or so when they arise.

What is “it"?

The woman who had to endure a life-saving liver transplant at 18 months old often feels relieved. To be more precise: “It’s just a joy to be alive.” And there are plenty of things that stir it up and, she suspects, will to do so for the rest of her life.

“When certain things happen, or someone says something or does something, it kicks in for me, and I can’t help but feel just a happiness to be alive,” she says. “I wake up and I’m just so happy to be alive.”

Sodergren got sick when she was 14 months old. By the time the doctors figured out that her liver was failing, they had two weeks to get her a new one — or she would die. They got it, right on the deadline, when a 2-year-old boy was killed in a car accident. Continue reading