Spotsylvania man campaigns for new kidney for wife

Fredericksburg | Amy Flowers Umber

Glenn Millis — with wife Ana Rendich in front of one of her paintings in their Spotsylvania County home — made signs to help save her life. A transplant bought her seven precious years with their children, but she needs another.

Ana Rendich gasped as she saw the red and white sign. She threw her hands over her face and shrank into the passenger seat of the car.

“I wished I had a blanket to throw over my head,” she said. “I wanted to disappear.”

The bold “KIDNEY NEEDED” sign horrified the 58-year-old Rendich.

“I thought, ‘Who asks for a kidney?’” she said.

But she knew exactly who had asked for one: Her husband, Glenn Millis. And he was asking because Rendich desperately needs one.

“She is a little bit mortified by the signs,” he admitted. “But I’m a lot terrified of losing her.”

The white signs began popping up around the Fredericksburg area a few months ago. To Rendich, they represent an imposition — a request that was way too audacious. Continue reading