St. Louis-area toddler with rare lung condition gets transplant, hope

KMOV | Mike Colombo

Few things in life are more peaceful than a sleeping child, their little lungs inhale life and exhale hope.

The hope for 19-month-old Elias Kosednar is to one day trade short, shallow puffs for deep, distinguished gulps of air.

"He's struggled to take a breath every day of his life. Once he gets new, healthy lungs, he's going to take that first breath and his eyes are going to open up like ‘oh, this is what this is supposed to be like. This is how I'm supposed to sit there and breath." said Elias' father, Paul Kosednar.

That dream brought the Kosednars to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

"Eli is a very unique patient. He has developed a problem where the blood flows through his lungs abnormally and does no pick up oxygen the way yours or mine would pick up oxygen. The blood flows through his lungs, but essentially stays blue and when you look at him, he's very blue." said Dr. Stuart Sweet.

Doctors diagnosed Elias with Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation. A condition that may have quietly killed him just weeks after birth if not for mother’s intuition. Continue reading