Texas man urges minorities to consider organ donation

My FOX Atlanta | Beth Galvan

Right now more than 120,000 Americans are waiting for an organ donor. Every day, about 20 people run out of and die without one. The wait can be especially long for minorities like African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos. That’s why Reginald King of Houston, Texas, is sharing his story.

King, who is African American, doesn’t take anything for granted anymore. But, he says, he used to. Even though his mother died of congestive heart failure in her 40s, his sister died of it and King has been diagnosed with it, he somehow figured he’d be fine. He lived a healthy lifestyle.

He says, “I never drank.. I never smoked. I always worked out because of my family history. So I'm doing all these things and I'm in pretty good shape.”

But King’s condition worsened. Eventually, close to death, his only option was a heart transplant.

On Valentine’s Day a few years back, a Dallas-area teenager named Ian Heideman was involved in a fatal wreck. King received his heart. He has a photo of Ian’s mother listening to her son’s heart beating in his chest. Continue reading.

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