'Morgan the organ' saved Juleighta's life

NewsMail | Carolyn Archer

AFTER years of missing important family events, a Bundaberg mum is living life to the full after receiving a kidney transplant.

This week is DonateLife Week and Juleighta McLucas is sharing her story in the hope of encouraging everyone to have the chat to save lives by discussing organ donation with their family.

"I was diagnosed with kidney problems when I was 15 and I started dialysis when I was about 26," she said.

"I was on dialysis for about two and a half years. I was on the machine for five hours at a time, three days a week," she said.

"I missed out on a lot, taking my daughter Makayla to school, going away on holidays."

Mrs McLucas said her brother had even decided to donate his own kidney but after 18 months of tests they decided to wait, confident she would receive an organ donation within six months.

"They had a look where I was on the list they decided to wait and use my brother as a back-up," she said.

"They said within six months I would have a transplant but it happened in three months. Continue reading