Transplant Patients’ Family Urges Hispanics To Become Donors

CBS Miami

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – The families of two children who received donated hearts urged the Hispanic community to become organ donors.
Two heart donations saved the lives of their children, 6-year-old Jaime Ponce and 14-year-old Daniela Saavedre.
The two kids got their new hearts at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, staying there for months before the surgery. They were tethered to a mechanical device called a “Berlin Heart” that acted as their own until a viable organ was available.
Doctors say the new technology allows children to wait for the right heart longer than ever before.
Jaime waited 387 days for a heart while connected to a mechanical device that functioned as his heart.
Daniela waited for seven months, also connected to the mechanical device that she fondly called Sarah. Continue reading