UI Hospitals and Clinics Celebrates 5,000 Organ Transplants at State Fair

WHOTV | Reid Chandler

DES MOINES, Iowa — Pierce and Ginny Coady say 2014 was the year their family was made and saved.

"Well, probably two and a half years ago, Ginny and I started processing adoption. And part of that process is you have to go get a physical to prove you can care for a child," Pierce Coady said. "Well, at that time, they found my liver enzymes were high. And it turned out my liver was failing and needed to replaced."

Their little girl Ava, adopted into their family 14 months ago, turned out to be their guardian angel.

"She saved his life – really she did," Ginny Pierce said. "We wouldn’t have known his liver was failing unless we had done the physical for her."

The Coadys are just one story of hundreds. Lives truly changed by a total stranger giving an organ. Continue reading