Valley nursing student donates kidney to friend's mother


Jenna Wagner and Sharon Scanlan had a special reunion Thursday.

The last time they got together was in a Valley hospital three months ago, when Wagner was giving Scanlan one of her kidneys.

"For some reason you go through something like this I thought life was going to change for both of us and we're going to feel differently," said Scanlan. "I didn't know what to expect,but it's like nothing ever happened."

Back in May, Scanlan's daughter Ruth Ann Vallender reached out to CBS -5 to Pay it Forward to Wagner.

She wanted to thank the woman who was about to save her mom's life.

Wagner had responded to Vallender's Facebook post, that said her mom desperately needed a kidney and couldn't find a matching donor.

Wagner was a match, and even though she had never met the Valley grandmother, Wagner agreed to the operation.

"I just kept thinking, if my mom needed a kidney, I would hope somebody would give that to her," said Wagner. Continue reading

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