Waiting for a chance at a better quality of life

The Daily Examiner | Clair Morton

ON THE LIST: Peter and Robyn Nixon of Grafton look through the room where Peter, who is waiting on a kidney transplant, does his kidney dialysis. Photo: Adam Hourigan

ORGAN donation first became a personal issue for Peter Nixon when his brother's kidneys failed 25 years ago.

He put his name on the organ donor register, and it has been there ever since.

Now he is the one in need of a kidney.

About seven years ago, regular monitoring of Peter's kidneys - due to his brother's experience - showed their function was beginning to decline, and three years ago he was placed on the transplant waiting list.

The father of three and his wife Robyn are still waiting for the phone to ring with a life-changing call, but for now Mr Nixon's condition is managed with the help of renal dialysis every second day.

To negate the need to go to hospital each time, Mrs Nixon has learnt how to administer it at home.

The treatment greatly restricts the couple's ability to travel and means Mr Nixon is unable to work and often lacks energy, but they still count themselves lucky.

Mrs Nixon said people waiting for other organs, such as a new liver or lungs, didn't have a way to manage their conditions and could die waiting for a transplant. Continue reading