Why Mary-Ellen Field donated a kidney to a man she barely knew

Daily Telegraph | Kate Bastians

Mary-Ellen Field, who made a lifesaving offer to a man she had known for just a year.

WOULD you offer your kidney to someone you had only known for a year?

Mary-Ellen Field did — and the story of how she came to make this selfless gift is truly remarkable.

Ms Field found herself at the centre of the News of the World phone hacking scandal when she was sacked by model Elle Macpherson after been wrongly accused of leaking personal information to the media.

It later emerged her phone had been hacked.

As the story unfolded and Ms Field became further enveloped by the media storm, ABC journalist Mark Colvin contacted her for an interview.

“Mark helped me to deal with it all and we became like old-fashioned pen friends,” said Ms Field.

Even before she met Colvin, she knew she was going to donate her kidney to him. Continue reading