WOULD you offer your kidney to someone you had only known for a year?

NWCN | King News 5 | Alex Dozier

A group of neighbors in Sammamish launched an online effort to help a young girl in their community. Maddie Sprague has already had three heart surgeries and a transplant and she's only six years old. Since December she's been recovering from her transplant, but now her neighbors have started a fundraiser on the Facebook page "Hearts 4 Maddie" where people post hearts from all over the world and make a donation to the Children's Organ Transplant Association.

"With this new fundraiser and the photo challenge we just wanted to open it up to have more people hear Maddie's story," neighbor Holly Quinnett said. "I hope that people will see her strength and know that they can get through anything if she can get through it."

The fundraiser asks people to post pictures of hearts anywhere they come across them in day to day life.

"We're trying to find hearts wherever they can find them if they make them, or find them in nature, or with people" Quinnett said. Continue reading