A Dream on Hold

Lake County News Chronicle | Jamey Malcomb

Todd Ragan was a police officer in Silver Bay prior to his body's rejection of a transplanted kidney. After the rejection, he was forced to leave his job in Silver Bay and return to Rochester for treatment at the Mayo Clinic. (Photo courtesy of Dale Ragan)

Todd Ragan had finally done it. He was living his lifelong dream of serving as a police officer in Silver Bay. Not only that, he had moved to a place that offered plenty of opportunities to hunt, fish and explore the natural wonders the North Shore of Minnesota offers.

"I loved working up there, I still miss it to this day," Ragan said. "I moved up to northern Minnesota not just because of the job, but because I love the area."

That all came to a crashing a halt a little over a year ago when a blood test revealed that Ragan's kidney donated by his father, Dale, was going into rejection. Ragan was in the middle of a 12-hour shift when his father called saying that he needed to contact the Mayo Clinic, but he felt great and had no idea his health was in danger. The doctors told him that something was wrong with his kidney and he needed to come back to Rochester immediately. Ragan said he finished his shift, went home, packed and started the four-hour drive south.

"You have that normalcy going and you get a call like that and it's just kind of boom and it takes it away from you," Ragan said. Continue reading