A miracle in the intensive care unit

El Dorado News-Time | Rick Fahr

I don’t see “miracles” as often as some people do. Don’t recall anything in my or my family’s life ever rising to that level. Mom living through heart bypass surgery was good. Dad making it through a massive heart attack was, too. But those things happen day in and day out. Middle sister Missy escaped a bad wreck, one that killed the guy who hit her, but that’s not other-worldly.

It’s not that our family has lacked in the blessings department. We’ve been fortunate in many ways. Chalk that up however you want to, I guess. If I had to ascribe some sort of higher power to it, I’d say that Mom’s and Dad’s prayers probably don’t go to voicemail. If living a good life gets you to the switchboard upstairs, Mom and Dad surely have the direct number. Still, I can’t say that we’ve ever had a miracle plopped down upon us. Maybe we hadn’t needed one.

Until now.

Dad called on Sept. 4.

“You need to come home. Kim’s in bad shape.”

Huh? Kim’s the youngest of our brood, 38. In bad shape?

“Her liver and kidneys are shutting down. She doesn’t have much time left.”

All the way to Jonesboro, I tried to make sense out of what he had said. I just couldn’t believe the situation was that serious.

I was wrong. After seeing her, I wouldn’t have bet on her living another day. Continue reading