'All about love:' Mitch Adams to live on in hearts and minds of community, and in donation recipients

The Union
Laura Mahaffy | The sister of Mitch Adams speaks on behalf of her family before the football game on Friday.

Mitch Adams, the 16-year-old who was critically injured in a car crash Aug. 24, was declared brain-dead Saturday after, his family says, he said goodbye to them in the wee hours Thursday morning.

But the teen will live on in the hearts and minds of thousands in the community, as was evidenced by the outpouring of emotional and financial support for his family throughout the week, culminating in an emotional evening at Friday’s football game at Nevada Union High School, where Adams was a member of the varsity squad.

And Mitch will live on in more tangible ways as well, as his family agreed with his wish to be an organ donor.

“Every bit of his body was able to go to someone, except for his brain,” said his father, Tom Adams. “His heart went to a 16-year-old boy in Southern California who wasn’t going to make it.”

Other major organs went to a 10-year-old boy, a 37-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman, said his sister, Jorylin Adams, adding that recipients were also able to make use of tissue, corneas, veins, tendons, and bone marrow. Continue reading


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