Baby Born at Just 21-Weeks After World’s First Womb Transplant Turns One

Life News |Sarah Zagorski

In the United Kingdom, a baby born after the world’s first womb transplant has turned one. In September 2014, Vincent was born to Malin Stenberg and Claes Nilsson by caesarean section at 21-weeks. The Daily Mail reports that Stenberg was born without a womb and never thought you would be able to have children. However, when she met partner Claes Nilsson she began to look into other options because he wanted to have children.

She said the following about being a mother: “It’s a fantastic feeling. Just to be able to have these days with this healthy and wild kid, it’s beautiful. We’re very, very happy.” Stenberg joined a medical trial that was being conducted at Gothenburg University with nine other women looking to become mothers. Although most of the women in the trial received wombs from family members (specifically their own mothers), Stenberg’s donor was 61-year-old family friend Ewa Rosen. Continue reading