Become an organ donor – or opt out on being a recipient

The Bolton News | Angela Kelly

THE belief that, as is happening in Wales, you are presumed to be willing to be an organ donor unless you register to opt out is probably the best way to deal with the shortage of donated organs.

In fact, I feel quite strongly that if you want to opt out, then you shouldn’t expect to be able to receive a transplant if you need one. Fair’s fair, after all.

That point of view was reinforced for me when I went to interview Zoe Armstrong and her family. Zoe is a 35 year-old from Horwich who, just a few months ago, was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition after she collapsed at the Tesco store at Middlebrook.

Unknown to Zoe, her long-term weight-gain, migraines, palpitations and panic attacks over several years were signs of the rare condition Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t picked up and suddenly, the mum of two adorable boys and a loving wife to Dave, found herself at the end stage of a terminal condition. Only a double lung transplant will now save her life. Continue reading