Being creative for organ donations

WRCB | LaTrice Currey

Maryetta Austin and her husband John have been married for 36 years. A few years ago John found himself in need of a kidney transplant. After not having any luck finding a donor, Maryetta decided to take matters into her on hands. She turned to Facebook.

Maryetta Austin says "I turned to the public and we know how Facebook is these days, it reaches way out there and I decided the list is so long, that's the way I would turn."

It worked. Maryetta says they found a living donor, a complete stranger, willing to give the gift of life.

Maryetta Austin says "Our donor is the most wonderful lady in the world. She is just the most wonderful lady."

Right now there are more than 123,000 people across the country, and nearly 3-thousand in Tennessee on the waiting list, the majority of those are in need of a kidney.

Dawn Benjamin is with Tennessee Donor Services. They serve as the middle man between the hospital and transplant center with deceased donations.

Dawn says she's not surprised more people are turning to living donors... the average wait time is three years, and a lot of people just don't have that kind of time. Continue reading | Chattanooga News, Weather _________________________________________________________

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