Couples' organ transplant recovery rolls on

WSFA | Steve Crocker

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - When 500 cyclists converged on downtown Birmingham a few weeks ago, the stated purpose was a memorial ride for William Robertson - a cyclist who had been struck and killed while on his bike several days earlier.

But as various types of cyclists from across the metro connected with each other, their bikes and the warm, late summer morning, what started as a ride of silence became in some measure a celebration of life - and for no one was that truer than Tracy and PJ Spraggins.

The couple may be familiar to WBRC FOX6 viewers who followed the story of how PJ, a well-known drummer in Birmingham, donated a kidney to Tracy on Feb. 24.

Eight months after the surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tracy's main issue is dealing with the newfound energy that has her back on her bike and more.

"I'm feeling great," Tracey said. "I've been feeling really good, really energetic, probably the best I've felt in years. PJ says you have to cut off the TV, you have to cut everything off and settle down".

Her husband says he can also see a difference in Tracy's energy level.

"We rode together about three weeks ago with Magic City Bike Club and rode about 10 miles… She did it, she hung in there. I was very impressed and overall moved by just seeing her have enough energy to do that." Continue reading