Delaware woman’s faith strengthened through receiving transplant

Cape Gazette

Many Delawareans are alive today because of the generosity of others saying yes to organ donation. Susan Comegy is a kidney and pancreas recipient. Since the age of 15, Comegy had been a type 1 diabetic.

Throughout most of her life, she worked hard to remain healthy and keep her diabetes under control. Then after 40 years, she began experiencing serious health issues. She was underweight, weak and could barely walk. Her doctor said her diabetes had caused her kidneys to decline, resulting in end-stage kidney failure. After extensive testing, she was listed on the organ transplant waitlist and was advised by her doctor to begin dialysis.

“I was so anemic from my kidney function being so low that I could barely walk across a room. I was very sick and was barely able to move.” said Comegy. After nearly nine months of sickness and waiting, she received the call of a lifetime letting her know that a donor was available and there was a match. Within a few days of receiving a transplant, Comegy was like a new woman. “At 57 years old, I felt better than I did as a teenager,” she said. “After my surgery, I woke up and felt like a different person. Now I can even work out. I get up at 6 a.m., work all day and go to bed at midnight. My energy is endless.”

Comegy’s donor was a 27-year-old man with three children. A devout Catholic, she believes that her faith in God was strengthened through her challenges with illness. “I feel a depth of gratitude for my donor that words cannot express. I believe that God has blessed me, and I am forever thankful.” she said. “Because of my donor, my life is so different now. My husband and I are able to take trips, and I have energy to play with my two dogs that I rescued. I am blessed, and every day feels like my donor is watching over me. He’s my guardian angel. Receiving my transplant has strengthened my faith, and I feel like I have witnessed a miracle. I try to give back now and live every day to its fullest, mindful of all that I’ve been given.” Continue reading