'I'll die of a broken heart if my little brother doesn't get new liver' says five-year-old

Daily Star UK | Laura Mitchell

LOVE: Little Zac said he would die if his little brother can't get a transplant

Little Zac Ewart made the heart-wrenching admission about his one-year-old brother Albie, who has a rare life-threatening liver disease.

The doting big brother turned to his mum and admitted that he would "die of a broken heart" if his gravely ill sibling can't get the help he desperately needs.

Zac's mum Holly Skiplorne, 29, has spoken out about the agony of watching both her children go through such a harrowing ordeal.

"Zac said to me the other day "I'll die of a broken heart if Albie dies.' He always says he wants to give Albie part of his liver," said Holly.

The boys' mum has started to write a beautifully simple bucket list for Albie, which includes things she loved as a child. Continue reading