Former OSU defensive end receives kidney in record organ transplant at Texas hospital

Hospital Discharge - Courtesy of Talitha Franklin

Early on Sept. 1, a husband and wife both lay on operating tables.

He needed a new kidney.

She was giving him one of her own.

Darrell and Talitha Franklin were determined to put an end to nine years of fighting Darrell’s kidney disease. They were done with the dietary restrictions, the hospital stays and the sickness. Kidney failure was draining the life out of Darrell’s body.

He wanted to enjoy a full life with his family again. Talitha knew donating one of her kidneys could give him that chance.

“It’s part of being a wife and just being a spouse,” Talitha said. “Some people have different expectations or views on being married. For me, it’s just what you’re supposed to do.”

They traveled from their home in Atlanta to the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas for kidney transplant surgery. They wanted to win the battle against Darrell’s kidney disease just as they had fought it. Continue reading