Gift of organ donation by Lyons teen who died recently will enhance dozens of people's lives

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Photo: Amanda Hoffman

The answer to a yes-or-no question by a teenager two years ago soon will save or enhance the lives of dozens of people.

At 14 years old, Austin Hoffman decided to become an organ donor, which his mother, Amanda Hoffman, said was a mature decision for someone his age.

Austin was in great shape and was always active. He loved to fish and was part of the debate, wrestling and tennis teams, and was a pole vaulter on the track team. Doctors said his health was in the top 2 percent, making him medically superior for organ donation.

Last Friday, the 16-year-old from Lyons died after a tragic auto mishap. All of his organs, blood and tissues will be donated. His corneas and optic nerves may be able to help three or four people see, Amanda Hoffman said, adding that certain people may only need a cornea or an optic nerve, or both. Continue reading