Girl, 8, gets third heart transplant at Seattle Children's


SEATTLE - Born with a bad heart, Aiyana Lucas has been in-and-out of the hospital since she was a baby. Thanks to the doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital and organ donors, she has a bright future ahead.

Today Aiyana is 8 years old -- a happy girl with an infectious smile. But it wasn't always the case. Getting here was a test of her parent's faith and Aiyana’s will to live. Her struggle began shortly after she was born.

"She wasn't pooping, Just simply not pooping. I’ve had a lot of nieces and nephews that I’ve raised and taken care of and I'm like ‘Something's wrong with my kid," says mother Promeese Lucas.

Trusting her instincts, Lucas kept after the doctors for two weeks until the pediatrician suddenly found something alarming.

"She listened to her again and then she flew out. All I saw was her white coat flying down the hallway ...she comes inside and said there is an ambulance outside there is something going on with her," said Lucas.

Doctors told Lucas her daughter's tiny heart was failing. Aiyana was immediately put on life support and the donor registry for a new heart. Six months later, the call came in that a donor heart was available. The surgery was a success. The heart of a six-month-old drowning victim saved Aiyana's life and she got busy growing up. Continue reading VIDEO.