Liam And Maren’s Stories Connect: Organ Transplant Story Part II

Cincinnati Children's Blog

Yesterday in Part 1 of this transplant story, Liam Sprague’s mom, Carolynn, and Maren Foster’s dad, Travis, told us about their children who both had a life-saving organ transplant on February 25, 2014 at Cincinnati Children’s.

What follows is the story of how these two families discovered each other and came together via social media and a project called The Waiting List.


Carolynn Sprague: A few days prior to Liam’s transplant there was a tragic house fire in Indianapolis killing a family of six. The news reported that three of the six family members were able to donate organs and that the youngest child’s heart had gone to a 4-year-old in Ohio. Liam was 4 and we were in Ohio and he had just received his heart. People in our community saw the news and put two and two together. Soon we were bombarded with people telling us they knew who Liam’s donor was. My husband and I agreed to focus on Liam’s healing and allow the donor family to grieve as they had suffered an awful loss of not one, but six family members. We told one another that we wouldn’t contact them, and wait for them to contact us. A few months later we received an email from David, the uncle of Liam’s donor. David’s brother Leo and his wife, and their four children were killed in the house fire. His nephew Fuentez Guerra was my son’s heart donor. Continue reading