Make an Informed Decision about Organ Donation with the Help of Franciscan Alliance and Gift of Hope


Franciscan-Donate-Life-1Are you a registered donor? If so, then great, and read on!

If not, then also read on. Being an organ donor is a selfless act and an excellent decision. But let me emphasize that it is a decision. It’s your decision. If you choose to become one or not, you should at least take the time to educate yourself on what being a donor entails so that you can make an informed decision.

So let’s start with how to become a donor. You can do it when you renew your driver’s license. You’ll see the distinction on your license: the word "DONOR" with a little red heart next to it. Or you can register through the Indiana Organ/Tissue Donor Registry, managed by the Indiana Donation Alliance Foundation. It’s free to do and it’s legally binding, meaning that by law, your wish to donate organs must be honored under the proper circumstances.

If someone passes away for one reason or another, their organs can only be procured if they are declared legally dead and on a ventilator. The organs need to still be "living" upon procurement. The brain can be dead but the heart must still beat. Often the donor will go into the operating room still hooked up to the ventilator. Continue reading