Making your organ donation choice known could save a life

The Irish News 
Health authorities in Northern Ireland are urging people to be more proactive about organ donation and to make their wishes known to family members and online. As was the case with one lucky little Co Derry boy, it could save a life, writes Roisin Armstrong

TRANSPLANT surgery is an incredibly complex, life-saving and last resort treatment that we tend to think is incredibly rare – but not so. Around 200 people in Northern Ireland are currently on the organ transplant list, according to the Public Health Agency (PHA), and sadly around 15 people die each year here while waiting for an organ.

Most of us are familiar with the need for kidney transplants but transplants are regularly carried out on the heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and small bowel. Also, tissue such as corneas and heart valves can be donated and transplanted.

The PHA is urging everyone in Northern Ireland to say "I do" when it comes to their organ donation wishes, and to tell their family and friends that they want to be a donor. Sadly, every year viable organs are lost as donors who didn't discuss their wishes with their family have their decisions overruled by distraught family members.  Continue reading


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