Man's gift of life saves wife

FOX NEWS 13 | Dr. Joette Giovinco

NEW PORT RICHEY (FOX 13) - For years, Tammy Larkins' kidneys were failing. She has polycystic kidney disease, which is passed down through the generations.

Dialysis was keeping her alive.

"It takes a toll on you -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually," she said.

"To see what she's been going through, from being very active and then all of a sudden not being able to do anything, you know, can't even lift her kids up to give them a hug, and just struggling," offered her husband Jimmy.

Patients can wait months or years on transplant lists. But Tammy's match was made almost 20 years ago when she said, "I do."

"There's no way you can tell me that God did not say he is definitely supposed to be your husband," she continued.

Both Tammy and Jimmy needed rounds of tests for the lab to ensure they were the perfect match. Eventually, science proved what both knew in their hearts. Continue reading