Molly's Kids: This Conover 16-year-old is the face of organ donation. Congrats, Kilby Davis

WBTV | Molly Grantham

16-year-old Kilby Davis in Conover has one heck of a fantastic story. Her smile is why organ donation is important.

Mom Kim is kissing her on the right. Dad Trent -- a deputy sheriff in Catawba County -- is kissing her on the left.

Follow me here...

In 2013 Kilby was diagnosed with an enlarged heart muscle. Further testing showed she also had a rare genetic condition usually found in boys called Danon's Disease. Since then, Kilby had been on a wait list for a new heart.

Suddenly on August 23rd, at 2:30pm, mom Kim was at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory when she got a call.

She only heard four words:

"We have a heart."

The family said they'd planned for this moment, if it'd happen. They'd be calm and ready. Kim was neither of those things. Continue reading