New heart has given Albert a fresh start

Hinkley Times | Rachel Parrish

Albert Tansey is back to school as normal

Albert Tansey's first day of term photo, grinning in his red school uniform sweatshirt before leaving the house, is much like many others taken in households across the borough.

And yet it is almost a miracle.

A year ago, the Burbage Infant School pupil was barely clinging to life, battered by a congenital heart condition that left him desperately in need of an organ transplant.

On September 4 2014 a bereaved family, unknown to him, gave him that chance with the donation of a heart.

One year on, the six-year-old is grasping the opportunity of being an ‘ordinary’ schoolboy with both hands.

Now, in National Transplant Week (September 7 to 13), Albert’s mum Annita is urging people who are willing to be donors to talk to their nearest and dearest to ensure that, should the worst happen, their organs could give a similar gift of hope. Continue reading