Organ donation from mom gives son a new lease on life

The Columbus Dispatch | Allison Ward

EAMON QUEENEY | DISPATCH Debbie McKinney and her son Joshua, who received a kidney donated by his mother in July

On Easter morning 2014, after a night of vomiting and shortness of breath, Joshua McKinney went to the emergency room at Mount Carmel Grove City.

He chalked up his illness to “flulike” symptoms he just couldn’t shake.

The then-30-year-old never imagined that, a few hours later, he would be told that his kidneys were failing. He was transferred to the intensive-care unit at the larger Mount Carmel East hospital.

“I do remember people talking about a kidney transplant that first day,” said the Worthington resident, 32.

Fortunately, by the end of Easter Sunday, he had three people — his two brothers and his mother — offering to provide kidneys.

His mother — Debbie, of Orient — said that no one else needed to be tested if she was a donor match. Continue reading