Organ donations change lives

Fort Meyers Beach Observer | Meghan McCoy

From left, Hannah Bogue-Grey, Andrew Spehr and Dana Grey.

An 8-year-old's insecurities about her mother came to an end when given the opportunity to listen to her mother's heartbeat. That moment completely changed the young girl's life.

Hannah Bogue-Grey lost her mother when she was 4 months old to a car accident.

"Our daughter Danielle Bogue, she was 22 when she was coming back from a bone specialist in (Fort) Lauderdale . . . a tire blew . . . vehicle rolled . . . she had a 4-month-old baby with her," Bogue's mother, Dana Grey said. "She didn't make it."

Although the news is something no parent wants to hear, the Grey's instantly recalled one of their daughters requests - organ donation.

"She was 16 years old standing right there in the kitchen," Grey said while pointing to the room. "She said, 'When I die, I want to donate my organs. I want everybody to celebrate my life. I want everyone to remember me happy and smiling,' so that is what we tried to do." Continue reading