Organ recipient encourages classmates to become donors

Iowa City Press-Citizen | Holy Hines

Four-year-old Daylea Herring. (Photo: Special to the Press-Citizen)

Daylea Herring, a sassy four-year-old who loves Spiderman, has been waiting three years for a liver transplant.

Her mom, Amber Herring, said Daylea is friendly, independent and much like other four-year-old kids.

However, she said Daylea needs a transplant because she has biliary atresia, a liver disease that minimizes her liver's functionality. She said Daylea frequently travels to and from the doctor's office and takes eight different medications while she waits for a transplant. Because Daylea is young and needs a small liver, and because her blood type is O — she can give to anyone, but can only receive type O — Herring said they have faced difficulties finding a donor.

However, Herring said she is thankful in advance to the potential donor who will help her daughter. Continue reading