Shelton mom donating her liver to neighbor: 'I love her for it'

KOMO News | Elisa Jaffe
SHELTON, Wash. -- On a rural road in Shelton where neighbors call on each other if their fields need to be hayed, one neighbor has stepped forward to save another's life.

Three houses down from where Kailyn McIrvin grew up, lives a mom 10 years older than Kailyn who has more in common with McIrvin than their family farms or babysitting history.

McIrvin's mom babysat Jaime McClanahan-Cuzik, Cuzik later babysat McIrvin, and now McIrvin babysits Cuzik's girls.

But 23-year-old McIrvin needs more than her neighbor's help -- she needs Cuzik's liver.

She spends much of her life in hospital beds and emergency rooms. She can't work and had to drop out of school.

McIrvin has suffered a rare genetic disorder since she was 13 that prevents protein in her body from breaking down. Instead it releases ammonia, poisoning her system. A specialist in D.C. said she needed a liver transplant. Continue reading, Video

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