South Bay Teen Fatally Struck by Car Remembered as Compassionate and Perseverant

NBC Bay Area | Rhea Mahbubani

Robert Sears (right), an eighth grade math teacher at Hillbrook School, remembered Loukas Angelo as a student

The South Bay teen who succumbed to injuries sustained when he was hit by a car was remembered Sunday for his love of sports and wildly colorful socks.

Robert Spears, an eighth grade math teacher at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos, wrote a speech about Loukas Angelo when he graduated from middle school last year.

"Loukas is a young man of few words and beautiful socks," he said. "Pink socks, purple socks, socks with pictures of fireworks, socks with sunsets, and socks with floral patterns. With his height, his deadpan facial expressions, and his athletic stance, it’s easy to miss the art gallery on his ankles."

The speech, which was shared with Hillbrook families alongside news of Loukas’ death, also described the 14-year-old as "confident," "determined" and "earnest." Continue reading