Stripe Hype: Former Bengals' RB Ickey Woods and The Jovante Woods Foundation

Stripe Hype | Matthew Wilson

I recently got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Ickey Woods about The Jovante Woods Foundation and a little bit about his time with the Cincinnati Bengals. It is an honor and pleasure to get to share with you now, the interview that Mr. Woods so generously granted myself and Stripe Hype.

Stripe Hype: Tell us a little bit about the Jovante Woods Foundation.

Ickey Woods: I lost my 16 year old son to asthma four years ago. He had been dealing with asthma since he was two and we, as parents, thought we knew a lot about asthma. It turned out that we didn’t know as much as we thought. When we started doing so research, we found out that it was the fastest growing disease with the least amount of research money being spent.

We wanted to help find a cure and a better way to treat people with asthma. We found out that eleven people a day die from asthma and there was really nobody out there doing anything about it. We wanted to raise money for research and educate people about the seriousness of asthma, so we formed the Jovante Woods Foundation.  Continue reading

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