Super-hero organ gives Konnor, 16, another life

Express and Star

Konnor with his mum Vanessa Middleton, stepdad Lee Varden, and sister Poppy-Leigh Varden

Konnor Middleton faced months of illness, worry and waiting for a liver donor after falling ill while on a school trip with Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy.

But miraculously, after receiving a new 'super-hero' liver in May, the 16-year-old from Walsall responded well and attended his first day at Walsall College this month.

Konnor said: "There were times when it was hard and I did sometimes wonder, why is this happening to me?

"Since the operation things have been totally different. We call it my super-hero liver. Without the donor this just wouldn’t have happened."

The nightmare began during the school trip last November.

His mother, Vanessa, 39, said: "I took him to the walk-in centre at Walsall Manor and they admitted him straight away.

"They did an ultrasound and saw that his liver was shutting down. We took him to Birmingham Children's Hospital as soon as a bed was free.

"They told me that if he pulled through the next 36 hours, then he had a chance. I was absolutely terrified."

He had Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), a disease of the bile ducts which can cause inflammation in and around the liver. It often presents without symptoms, but unless a transplant is given can be very dangerous. Continue reading