Super-kart driver Jason McIntyre urges people to become organ donors

Melbourne Herald Sun | Peter Strachan

Former champion car racing driver Jason McIntyre at home in Cranbourne. Picture Yuri Kouzmin

JASON McIntyre has lived with chronic illness and pain since he was five. But it hasn’t stopped him winning national motor racing titles three years in a row and becoming a strong advocate for organ donation.

Now 37, McIntrye’s declining health has forced him to confine his racing to an advanced simulator in his Cranbourne home.

It’s a shadow of the 250km/h Super-karts he steered to victory in 2005-2007.

“I can’t do that anymore, but I still get a great thrill out of motor racing in all its forms and I’m still upbeat about my chances of getting the transplants I need some day to get back into a more active life,” McIntyre said.

At this stage he needs a new stomach, liver, duodenum, pancreas and small bowel. He is “on the list” for a multi-visceral transplant through the Austin Hospital.

In late 2012, McIntyre found he had a squamous cell carcinoma on his lip. After several operations, follow-up scans showed more cancer in his neck. The treatment the following year burnt and ulcerated the inside of his mouth and he found he had bone marrow failure. Continue reading