The Surgeon You Should Know

Lifezette | Alanna Nash

Diabetes cure could be in near future, thanks to him

Within 12 months, a professor, researcher, and transplant surgeon at the University of Wisconsin will know for certain whether he can cure diabetes in a simple, safe, and affordable way.

Dr. Hans Sollinger has been experimenting with gene therapy for the past 20 years, hoping to find a way to eradicate the life-altering and potentially deadly disease.

“He’s the type of surgeon and visionary that comes along once in several generations.”

Doctors diagnose 40,000 to 50,000 new Type 1 diabetes cases each year.

If anyone can cure diabetes, say his colleagues and former students, it’s Sollinger, 69, an athletic and energetic man who recently rode his bike 179 miles across Wisconsin in one stretch.

“After three patents, we are at a point where we are ready to perform pivotal experiments in Type 1 diabetic pet dogs,” Sollinger said in a heavy German accent, a throwback to his Munich youth. “Every expert in the world would agree that curing these dogs would almost 100 percent predict success in man.” Continue reading