Twin sisters who received liver transplants head to school for the 1st time

CBC | The Canadian Press

Johanne Wagner and her husband Michael sit on their front step with their four-year-old twin daughters Phuoc, left, and Binh Wagner after the twins' first day at Junior Kindergarten. Both girls had a liver transplant earlier this year. (Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press)

Little Binh and Phuoc Wagner hopped onto a school van recently on their way to kindergarten class for the first time.

Their parents, Johanne and Michael, couldn't get over the normalcy of the situation.

At this time last year, there were some thoughts, however fleeting, that the twin girls from Kingston, Ont., might never make it to school. They had just been placed on a transplant waiting list for new livers because of the effects of Alagille syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects vital organs.

Without new livers, the girls would die.

Michael was willing to donate part of his liver, but he couldn't give to both girls. And he wasn't sure if he'd be a match for either child. So the family went public, their story capturing the world's hearts.

It turns out Michael was a match, and he let doctors choose which daughter would get his liver. The other would have to wait.

Doctors chose Phuoc and performed surgery in February, giving her part of Michael's liver. Then they waited. Two months later they found another donor. That one was anonymous. Continue reading VIDEO