UK HealthCare's kidney donor chain linked one altruistic donor to four families in need of transplants

Kentucky Herald-Ledger | Cheryl Truman

Nicki Coulter, left, who donated a kidney to Ted Burch, and recipient Carolyn Dye, right, who received a kidney from donor Susan Gibson, talked Wednesday at a news conference. HERALD-LEADER

Nicki Coulter of Bloomfield started the domino effect. She donated a kidney simply because she thought it was the right thing to do.

Coulter, 40, had signed up as an organ donor in case of her accidental death. She thought it was important to make the gesture while living, she said.

So she Googled "kidney donation center," and that led her to University of Kentucky HealthCare.

On Wednesday, Coulter got to meet the domino-effect results of her generosity: Three of the four people her donation helped to get transplants got together at a UK HealthCare event.

As Coulter started to speak at the news conference, tears glazed her eyes.

"My parents taught me that giving was something that everybody needed to do," she said. "Knowing that I made a difference in somebody's life means a lot." Continue reading

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