Va. man undergoes arm transplant surgery with goal to hold his new son

WTOP | Paula Wolfson

WASHINGTON — To Jeff Swedarsky, the simple act of holding his infant son is a miracle worth fighting for.
Last June, the 34-year-old food tour operator, athlete and musician from Alexandria, Virginia, lost his left arm in a tragic accident. One year later, he got a new one.
The life-changing loss came without warning on a balmy summer evening in the nation’s capital. Along with his wife and two friends, Swedarsky headed out to a jazz concert, but stopped along the way to check out a wedding venue for the newly engaged couple.
Swedarsky was standing at the top of a long, spiral staircase — perfect, he remembers, for a bridal entrance — when for some unexplained reason, he fell.
"Straight down the stairwell, almost 40 feet," Swedarsky recalls. And it all happened in the blink of an eye.
His back was against the stairs, and without thinking, he grabbed a banister during the fall to try to right himself. The force was so great, it tore off his left arm.
"I lost my arm, but at the same time it saved my life," Swedarsky says. Continue reading