Wyoming Department of Health Encourages Organ Donation

KGAB AM 650 | Joy Greenwald

The Wyoming Department of Health is encouraging residents to sign up as designated organ donors.

Wyoming Cares/Wyoming Shares Program Manager Cherame Serrano says 182 Wyoming residents are waiting for organ transplants, most of which are kidney patients.

“Even though Wyoming has a high percentage of people who are designated organ donors, we still have only about 25% of our people who are on a waiting list who are going to actually get an organ this year,” said Serrano. “So we’re very interested in increasing the number of people who say ‘yes’ up front in hopes that more Wyoming residents will get those organs that they need to enjoy a better quality of life.”

According to Donate Life America, Wyoming ranked in seventh place for donor designation rate with 59.5% in 2014.

“Wyoming has a tremendous record of being designated organ donors, but we’re not at the top and I would like to see us there,” said Serrano. Continue reading